New soundtrack from me. The music is hoping to conjure up a mystical Eastern place, in dance.

Hoping you will enjoy this original composition and soundtrack (“Overture to the Morning Sun”) that I performed with Yamaha Motif 8 (Classic) workstation, coupled to the Logic Pro 9 production software. It is scored for the fabulous Yamaha C6 grand piano (concert length), various chorale ensembles (male, female and even boys’ choir). I tossed in a tin whistle, cello and violin ensembles, individual brass instruments (trumpet, trombone, French horn), and the overtowering Toccata organ. My idea developed into something possibly for cathedral or opera. It was composed and recorded in February 2014 in my personal studio in Cincinnati, during a long time period of nasty, bitterly cold Winter weather. For me, and for many of my music friends I suppose, music itself (especially the effort of composing) can be a naturally effective escape from lots of situations including foul weather.

The music content is copyrighted and owned by Dick Kait and Purple Moose Music. (c) 2014. All rights reserved. I claim no ownership whatsoever in the video content.

Hope you enjoy.

My new composition, “Falling Into Violet” was composed and recorded in a single morning (8 February 2014 with my ear aiming at a cowboy lament or saloon love-song, thinking of something old timey C&W with a folk sound using a finger-pickin’ style on the guitar, even though I am actually just playing my Motif keyboard—not a real guitar. This is performed with the magic of electronic music composition, using the Yamaha Motif workstation with Logic Pro 9, with samples of a nice long Steinway concert grand, acoustic guitars (two types), an Irish fiddle, and tin whistle. I claim no ownership whatsoever in the video content of horse films.

The copyright to the music content is owned by Dick Kait, and the Purple Moose Music. (c) 2014. All rights reserved.

"The Procession" is a short overture (1:52) I composed and produced for AAron Productions (Prague, Czech Republic) in 2013, as the soundtrack for a CGI film (computerized 3-D animation). The soundtrack is written for harp, organ, piano, horns, martial drums, bells, and synth. The music content is copyrighted by Dick Kait and Purple Moose Music. (c) 2014. All rights reserved. The video content is created and owned by Ryan Cameron (8recon8). I do not claim any rights or ownership to the video content.

New Soundtrack by Dick Kait. (c) 2014. All rights reserved.

High Mountain Moon is another original composition, that I composed and performed in 2013. (c) 2013. Copyright is owned by Dick Kait and Purple Moose Music. All rights reserved.

Sally Angel (Like the Wind) is a love song, set to some amazing BBC videos of penguins and monkeys in the wild. Composed, produced and performed by Dick Kait. (c) 2014. Copyright is owned by Dick Kait and Purple Moose Music. All rights reserved.

One More Kiss (c) 2014. Composed, produced, and performed by Dick Kait (me!). Copyright is owned by Dick Kait and Purple Moose Music.

The first U.S. production by the musical team of lakinni and Richard Kait, produced and filmed in Cincinnati in June 2013.  The work for this was huge, but big shout out to Dave Prues, an amazing studio engineer who did a great job getting the voice track into this.  Lakinni and I were both very happy with it all. Enjoy! 

Filmed at The Blue Wisp, in downtown Cincinnati - the city’s premier jazz and blues club, at 7th and Race - backed by the Blue Bents on Sunday May 26, 2013.  The song is Rock Me Baby, and is a lot like Driftin’ Blue (Charles Brown and Eric Clapton). 

This is my original composition and recording, produced in May 2013, as an acoustic folk song, intended to be used in a film with Denny Deemeter, a folk dancer from Bayern.  It was then decided, that this song is really not best as a dance, but just as a listening song. So, I found this hugely wonderful film, using the work of the Hubbell Telescope or X-Ray telescope, to shown the absolute central area of the Milky Way Galaxy (the one we are in), as it (the black hole) devours a nearby star — a process that is shown to have spanned almost a decade. From 2002 untill 2011. 

My original composition and production.  REK.  April 2013.

Kem’ Bo’ on stage in a TV appearance, with Ramsey Lewis (host) and Robert Cray, also performing.